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Realistic Wing Burner A2

SKU: 101204
Lazercut and Swedish-made stainless steel wingburner with the highest standards of the market. The manufacturing method and choice of materials gives 100% precision and they close completely. Tolerates heat very well and you never have to worry about the wings melting or getting the wrong shape. All wing burners are fully customized and designed to fit J: Sons Wing Material - Realistic Wing Material that has preprinted segmentations, or Colored Wing Material, which is single colored. They are easy to use and instructions are included with each individual burner.
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Wing Burner for Stoneflies.


Wing Burner for Stoneflies.

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Realistic Wing Material A2

Wing Material for Stoneflies. 1 sheet with patterns for 24 flies, plus 1 matching neutral (transparent) sheet. Guaranteed non-toxic and safe when burning wings, delivered with manual.