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      Realistic Body Mayfly. M2 Olive Grey #12

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      12 Olive Grey Bodies for Mayfly Dun & Spent. Match J:son Short Shank Hooks #12
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      The bodies are unique in both structure and density. We produce our foam according to our specific and very high standards. The bodies are flexible and easy to work with. Very good flowability and make your dryflies virtually unsinkable. J: Sons foam is custom made for modern fly tying. This is a significant difference to "regular" foam, which today is often sold as flytying material, but in fact it's manufactured to completely different things. We also sell sheets of foam in 12 different colors in 1 mm and 2 mm.

      In the tab 'FLY TYING INSTRUCTION & TIPS' you can see how we tie the body on the hook to get the flie as realistic as possible.

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