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Carbon Ghost Net

A carbon lightweight net with ghost net that spare the fish for a safer release. Includes cord with a carabiner. Available in two sizes.
Da 999,00 kr

Fly Box Retro

A Flybox with two sides of slitted foam with room for all your favorite flies.
89,00 kr

Loop 2 Loop

Used to connect leaders with flyline. 4 pcs included.
Da 69,00 kr

Fluorocarbon Tippet 30 m

Json Fluorocarbon Tippet is highly abrasion resistant and stiffer than nylon which gives great turnovers and low memory. Flourocarbon sinks faster than nylon and is almost invisible in water.
Da 99,00 kr

Fly Patch

Attaches wherever it suits you best! A perfect place to dry your flies when fishing or just to keep your favorite Jsonflies ready for action.
79,00 kr