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Net Release & Lanyard

A magnetic net release with an elastic cord.
169,00 kr

Carbon Ghost Net

A carbon lightweight net with ghost net that spare the fish for a safer release. Includes cord with a carabiner. Available in two sizes.
Da 999,00 kr

Magnetic Tippet Threader

En lika enkelt som genialiskt sätt att få igenom tippeten i krokögat på ett snabbt och enkelt sätt.
99,00 kr


For measuring water temperature, a factor that many fishermen don't keep track on. Don't be that guy...
159,00 kr

Lanyard with Zinger

A clever way of storing all your gadgets when you are out on the field.
199,00 kr

Flashlight Small

Flashlight Small
149,00 kr

Strong Cord

An elastic cord with a carabiner, perfect solution to keep your gadgets close at hand.
129,00 kr

Tippet T Holder

This things holds your frequently used tippetspools close at hand by the water. Attaches easy with a carabiner.
79,00 kr

Tippet Holder with Bottle Holder

A smart combination that keeps your tippetspools close when you are fishing, as well as stores your floatants and a small snap for clipper or Pin-On-Reel.
149,00 kr

Amadou Natural Cork

Amadou is a type of sponge with a natural super absorbency. So you just put your fly between the two sides and gently press them together, the amadou removes the water from the soaked fly and you are ready to go!
299,00 kr

Bottle Holder Bottom Up

Keeps your floatant close by and ready to use.
69,00 kr

J:son Zinger

Keeps your gadgets close and easy to access.
99,00 kr