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Tapered Leaders & Tippet Material

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J:son Ultimate Anti Twist Leader # 5-7

Prevents your tippet from twisting no matter what flies you're fishing with. Set of 1 leader for line 5, 6 & 7. Length about 185 mm or 6 ft, strength 9 kg /20 lb. Delivered with 3 spare swivels and manual.

Loop 2 Loop

Used to connect leaders with flyline. 4 pcs included.
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Fluorocarbon Tippet 30 m

Json Fluorocarbon Tippet is highly abrasion resistant and stiffer than nylon which gives great turnovers and low memory. Flourocarbon sinks faster than nylon and is almost invisible in water.
From £10.10

Json Ultimate Tippet 30 m

Json Ultimate Tippet is very abrasion resistant and has a high knot strength (up to 98%). It has a 30% maximum elasticity that absorbs shock when fighting big fish. A true multipurpose tippet!
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Fluorocarbon Leader 9ft (1-pack)

Json Fluorocarbon Leader is highly abrasion resistance with a very low memory. It sinks faster than nylon and is almost invisible in the water, so it's a great choice for spooky fish. it turns over bulky flies easily and present smaller flies perfectly to wary fish.
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Ultimate Leader 9ft (2-pack)

Json Ultimate Leader is primary for streamers and nymphs with a heavier butt section and more power for turnovers with big flies. The leader has maximum strength and abrasion resistance. The leader has 30% maximum elasticity which helps when playing those big fishes.
From £8.06