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Pack of six sheets of thin, strong and flexible silicone used to easily create realistic bodies on nymphs, larvae and hatchers. The bodies become naturally segmented and extremely durable. The many benefits of the silicone make it easy to pull it to the desired thickness and by gradually tapping this tension when winding it forward on the fly, creating a lost body. The package contains the following colors:

- Neutral
- Yellow
- Red
- Brown
- Black

Each color comes on a separate sheet of six striped strips in three different widths, two strips of each. These are two, four, and six millimeters in width, and you easily remove them from the sheets. You simply color the material yourself or create patterns and selected segmentations with J: Sons pencils. Instructions are included in the package.

Packaging: A package contains 6 sheets in 6 different colors. Each sheet and color has 6 striped strips of 2 in each width - 2, 4 and 6mm. Each strip is 200mm long.

Material: Non-toxic, durable and soft silicone.

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