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Outdoor Canade interview with Gord Pyser


Oliver Edwards
“Step forward the Swedes! I’m talking here about something which might change things pretty...
Bob Mead
I'm telling you Claes, your products really impress me.
Todd Field
“Most ‘realistic’ flies are pleasing to the eye, but disappointing on the water.
Darrel  Martin
Claes, some of your designs are brilliantly delicate and accurate.
Hans van Klinken
Claes, I just love fly tiers who going their own particular ways.
Luca Castellani
Ho lavorato con mosche realistiche per molti anni. Non c'è mai stato mosche realistiche che sono...
Lyle Graff
I tie a lot of extended body mayflies for our Montana trout and love the detached body pins to...
Pier Marzinotto
I've tied flies for flytying festivals and helped on many occasions with fly tying courses, and...
Mark Patenaude
Claes, when I first came across your tying system, I knew it was something very special and that...
Björn Grindebäck
"Extremely durable and realistic fishing flies. 13 trout over 1 kg in three days! 1.9 kg, 2.2...
Marcus Edstam
A few days in August at Glomma river in Norway together with J:son changed my view of flies and...
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