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Foam Selections

This material is unique in both structure and density. We produce our foam according to our specific and very high standards. The material is flexible and easy to work with. Very good flowability and make your dryflies virtually unsinkable. J: Sons foam is custom made for modern flight connections. This is a significant difference to "regular" foam, which today is often sold as flytyingmaterial, but in fact it is manufactured to completely different things.

Contains less plastic, but more air bubbles than traditional foam. In addition, the bubbles are significantly smaller in size and are denser. All colors are based on how real insects look. In combination with J: Son's pens, you can easily get the right color to imitate hundreds of insects. Designed, developed and produced for flight and flies only.

The foam is used, inter alia, in combination with J's son's needles to create lost and realistic bodies.

J: sons foam is designed in Sweden.

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Realistic Foam Selections

J:son Foam in selected colors. 12 sheets in 6 colors, 6 pcs 1 mm & 6 pcs 2 mm.
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Realistic Colored Foam Apple Green

Foam made specifically for fly tying in selected colors. Choose thickness and quantity below.
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