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The caddis fly in all it’s stages are important as food to many fish species. Just as the mayflies, they are found all around the world and can hatch in large quantites. Most species are active during evening and night. There life cycle goes from egg, to larvae, pupae and adult insect. Some species will have a final stage as they die after laying there eggs. This stage is simiulair to that of mayflies and is refered to as the ”spent stage”. Caddis flies are found in both still and moving water and usually hatches from summer to autumn.

Latin: Trichoptera.

Altough there are more then 12,000 described species of caddis flies around the world, the sizes, colours, proportions and shapes, do not vary as much. Good for all us fly rod waving trout hunters. As an angler we will only need a handful of various imitations to cover the most important species of caddis flies. Most caddis flies have a brownish to black colour.

J:son Match’n Catch.

Make shure that you always carry imitations of caddis flies in various colours and sizes in your fly box. Do not see one fly as an imitation, see the whole picture. Make shure that you have imitations of larvae, pupae, hatching caddis and adult caddis in the same sizes and colours. However, due to the fact that many caddis flies look a like, a good start is to have a green, brown, dark brown and black selection of imitations in two or three different sizes.

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