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J:sonSystem: What is The J:sonSystem?

J:sonSystem are tools and materials which enables you to create any kind of realistic fly in sizes from 6 mm to 40 mm.

These elements are available in various shapes, patterns and sizes to give you complete freedom to create flies that resemble the sort of insects found at your favorite fishing site. 

J:son realistic wing burners are made of stainless steel and are available in 7 models of various sizes, for a total of 35 wing burners.

Each wing burner has matching, printed sheets of wing material or wing buds. The sheets are delivered with a neutral (clear) sheet, which can be used as it is or be colored as you please. We are also offering you colored wing material without patterns in olive, sulphur, tan and dun. All wing materials are guarenteed non-toxic and harmless to use when burning. 

J:son realistic nymph legs and nymph backs add natural silhouette to the fly. There are 18 models to choose between, all made of non-toxic silicon. 

Tying the fly on a J:son detached body pin makes it easier to create realistic, extended insects’ bodies compared with tying on a hook. The detached body pins are made of stainless steel and are available in four sizes. 

All tools and materials in the J:son System are developed, designed and made in Sweden. 

For more detailed descriptions of how to use the J:sonSystem, study a J:son video and download free tying instructions.

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