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Designed with care and precision. J: Sons wing material for dry flies, emergers and wing sacks for nymphs, is designed with nothing but quality as a goal. It just takes a glance at them to realise. Every little vain, every little pattern is there and it does it for one purpose. The material has enough control for the wings to maintain their position on the fly, but at the same time make sure that the fish do not feel the resistance when it takes your fly. If you look and feel the wings once you have tied a fly, it's almost impossible to distinguish them from a real dragonfly or nymph. Available in several sizes and models. Packaged in the form of transparent sheets on a synthetic foil that is completely non-toxic and environmentally friendly. It is even approved by the Food Administration and no toxic gases are formed when you burn your wings. You color the wings easily yourself with Jason's pencils. The wings are clearly marked and patterned. Produced in combination with J: Sons Wing Burner.

The benefits are many with these wing materials. In addition to providing realistic and incredibly durable wings, you can burn double layers on larger mayflies so that air enters between them on the wings and the fly flows even better.

Manufactured in Sweden.

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