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Flies that imitate natural insects catch fish, it's that simple. J: son Match’n’Catch makes your choice easy and makes your fly fishing more fun and successful.

The concept J: son Match’n’Catch is designed with a simple purpose - matching the right fly with whatever the fish eats and thereby increasing your chance of catching it. An important part of this is J:son flies - they are the key to success. Isn't it a little strange, nevertheless, that so many fly fishermen put thousands on fly fishing rods, reels and fly lines, but overlook the single most important detail - the fly? To succeed, we must have some basic knowledge of the fish's food, what it eats and when. A hatch always begins at the bottom and we must be able to imitate all stages of a specific insect during a hatch. The nymph or the larva, the pupa, the emerger and finally the adult winged insect (dun). All these stages are part of a hatching. Match this life cycle with the right imitations in your fly box and significantly increase your chances.

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